September 19, 2014

DTU Management Engineering is seeking candidates for a fully funded PhD position. Your focus will be to integrate advanced risk quantification methods into real-life decision making processes.

Application deadline: 31 October 2014

April 06, 2014
The 24th SRA-E conference will be held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, 15th-17th June 2015. more
February 21, 2014

The next World Congress of the Society for Risk Analysis will be held in Singapore from July 19-23, 2015.

More news will be presented here when it comes available.

January 31, 2014

Special issue of Journal of Risk Research on papers presented at conference in Istanbul

July 25, 2013
The 48th annual IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST) will be held in Rome, Italy, 13-16 October 2014.
July 12, 2013
The first step towards establishing a Nordic chapter of the SRA-E is taken.
July 11, 2013

The SRA-Europe Conference 2014 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, 16-18 June 2014.


The Society for Risk Analysis - Europe aims to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe

The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) is an interdisciplinary society which addresses emerging issues in risk analysis, management and policy. It operates world-wide and it has many International Section.

The Society encourages those interested in all aspects of risk analysis to communicate, collaborate and develop new methodologies for risk analysis and risk management. SRA-E emphasises the European dimension in the promotion of interdisciplinary research and education, and in practical application in industry and Government. It provides a platform for academics, policy makers and industrialists to discuss future directions, to understand concerns about risk from both public and scientific perspectives, to promote efficient risk mitigation and to develop effective communication about hazards.

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ESA Risk and Uncertainty Research Network
Call for papers

ESA Risk and Uncertainty Research Network 22, Mid-term conference Risk, Uncertainty and Transition, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 8-10 April 2015
We aim to stimulate sociological and interdisciplinary research and debate into how risk and uncertainty are perceived, constructed, managed and/or neglected by social actors – individuals and organisations – as well as the impact of these responses in society. Although the event will have a more specific focus on the theme of transition, this is an open call for papers, which explore aspects of risk and uncertainty across a broad range of sociological and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Keynote speakers
Ortwin Renn, University of Stuttgart
Åsa Boholm , University of Gothenburg
Gabe Mythen, University of Liverpool
300-350 words
Include full name, institution, and the author(s) contacts
Send to Larsåke Lindstrom:  
Important Deadlines
Abstract Submission: 20 December 2014
Paper Acceptance: 15 February 2015
Registration: 28 February 2015 (thereafter ‘late registration’ with a higher fee)
Additional information
Research Network co-ordinators,Anna Olofsson ( and Adam Burgess (
Local organizers, Juergen Hampel (

The conference brochure can be downloaded here.

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Impressions of the conference 2014 in Istanbul

Impressions of the Conference 2014 in Istanbul

The SRA-Europe 2014 Istanbul Conference hosted 259 participants not only from Europe and Turkey but also from Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Iran, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan and the U.S.A. About 70% of the participants were academicians and 15% were affiliated to researches institutes. The representatives from governmental bodies and private entities had a share of 15%. During the conference, three plenary sessions, 13 symposiums and 27 parallel sessions were organized; 163 papers and 16 posters were presented.

The conference started with a welcome reception in the courtyard of conference venue, Taşkışla Building. Participants enjoyed Turkish food and the amazing atmosphere of the 162 year-old building.

The scientific program of the conference was enriched by the valuable contributions of Ortwin Renn (University of Stuttgart), Juergen Weichselgartner (University of Kiel), Louise K. Comfort (University of Pittsburgh), Mustafa Erdik (Bogazici University), Scira Menoni (Politecnico di Milano) and Richard Eiser (University of Sheffield) during the plenary sessions. The most emphasized topics in the SRA-Europe 2014 Istanbul Conference were risk perception and risk communication where the participants assessed and discussed community’s behavior on risk related issues with the recent triggers (climate change, nuclear accident in Japan, energy etc.); and innovative approaches to enhance risk dialogue among stakeholders to contribute risk governance. Food security was another highlighted topic referring the safety gaps in production and processes, susceptibility to chemical and radioactive contamination; and consumer responses to new technologies. The sessions on urban and structural risks addressed risk assessment in urban areas and mitigation methods in different case studies.

The poster session on Monday was accompanied by a reception, which was sponsored by the Journal of Risk Research. After voting for the best poster award, participants enjoyed the oriental cover of most famous soundtracks by street musicians, Metrostrings.

The SRA-E student scholarships were awarded to Nicolas Rossignol (University of Liège, Belgium), Nick Boase (University of Exeter Medical School, U.K.) and Etsuko Yoshida (University of Tokyo, Japan). They received a contribution worth 750 euro to their conference expenses. The “Best Poster Award” was presented to Ateda Khadijah Isimekhai, John Watt, Hemda Garelick and Diane Purchase for their poster entitled “Environmental risk associated with improper e-waste activities in Lagos, Nigeria”.

The conference dinner took place in the largest floating restaurant in Turkey where participants tasted delicious Turkish food and spectacular view of Bosphorus in the sunset and the night.

In 2015, the SRA-Europe Conference will be held in Maastricht, the Netherlands with the special theme: “Science, Policy and Society: Bridging the gap between risk and science”. The other focal risk topics (i.e. science-informed risk decisions, evidence and risk) will also bring insights in risk issues to complement disaster risk reduction.

More information on the conference 2014 can be found on the conference page 2014.

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SRA Europe conference 2015 in Maastricht

The 24th SRA-Europe Conference, 15-17 June 2015, Maastricht,The Netherlands

The 24rd SRA-Europe conference will be held 15-17 June 2015 in Maastricht, The Netherlands. It will be hosted by Maastricht University.

Participants are invited to reflect on critical directions in risk science as well as the promises and challenges of developing science-informed policy. The meeting will be a platform for those interested in all aspects of risk analysis to communicate, collaborate and envisage new methodologies for risk analysis and risk management.

The SRA-Europe Conference in 2014 is open to all interested researchers and experts in the various fields of risk analysis. Industry representatives, governmental bodies and relevant public and private institutions are welcomed. Graduate students are also encouraged to participate.

Focal Risk Topics

  • Science-informed risk decisions
  • Evidence and risk
  • Risk policy and regulation
  • Risk Governance
  • Decision-making and uncertainty
  • Risk perception, behaviour and communication

The following speakers have, so far, agreed to give a key note: 

  • Prof. Maarten Hajer, University van Amsterdam, and Director of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)
    Title: Forthcoming
  • Prof. Ellen Peters, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Behavioral Decision Making Initiative at The Ohio State University
    Title: Forthcoming
  • Dr. Bernhard Url, Executive Director, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
    Title: Forth coming
  • MEP Julie Girling
    Title: Forthcoming
  • Prof. Claude Fischler, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris.
    Title: Forthcoming

Prof. Wiebe Bijker (Maastricht, MUSTS) and Prof. Ragnar Löfstedt (King’s College London, KCRM) will chair the plenaries.

Deadline for submission of abstracts:                                     20 January 2015
Deadline for submission of optional full papers:                      1 June 2015

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Student Scholarships 2014 awarded

Student Scholarships 2014 awarded

We are pleased to announce three winners of an SRA-Europe Conference Scholarship 2014. Conference Studentship Scholarships (each worth € 750) have been awarded to:

  • Nick Boase, University of Exeter Medical School (United Kingdom)

  • Nick received his award for the presentation:

    Boase, N.; White, M.; Gaze, W.; Redshaw, C.:

    Public Perception of Food Risks and Benefits: Combining the Mental Models Approach with the Theory of Planned Behaviour and Consumer Values

  • Nicolas Rossignol, University of Liège (Belgium)

    Nicolas' award winning presentation was:

    Rossignol, N.; Turcanu, C.:

    Representations of Incident Reporting as a Collective Learning Process

  • Etsuko Yoshida, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

    Etsuko received her award for the presentation:

    E. Yoshida; H. Kagemoto; Y. Akutsu:

    Consensus building in safety and security: The case study of Fukushima evacuees returning home

The recipients received their awards, each worth € 750, out of the hands of SRA-Europe’s president Lars Bodsberg.

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Establishment of regional groups within SRA Europe

Establishment of regional groups within SRA Europe

SRA Europe is investigating the possibilities of establishing regional groups within the organisation. Steps are being taken to organize such group in countries in the north of Europe, in particular in Sweden and in Norway, and in the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Members who are interested in establishing such a regional group in another region of Europe are cordially invited to contact the SRA Europe Executive Committee at or any Committee member.

During the conference 2013 in Trondheim, a meeting has been held to discuss particulars in relation to the establishment of the Northern regional organisation. The topics and issues discussed in this meeting can be downloaded here.

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Invitation to take an active role in SRA Europe

Invitation to take an active role in SRA Europe

SRA Europe is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe. Our main activity in this respect is, of course, the SRA Europe conference, that is held annually at varying locations within Europe.

As an organization SRA Europe depends on the efforts of a small group of researchers and other professionals who are willing to  put in some of their time and energy. These individuals come from different countries and represent different disciplinary backgrounds, interests and expertise. Ways to contribute vary, including such tasks as joining the Scholarship Committee, taking on committee functions such as treasurer, secretary or president, taking responsibility for the content of the website or organizing the annual meeting.

Members who are interested in contributing to the Society are cordially invited to send an email to the SRA Europe Committee through or contact any of the Committee members. We are happy to answer any question you might have.


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Business meeting / General Assembly Meeting of SRA-EUROPE

Business / General Assembly Meeting 2015


The next Business / General Assembly meeting will take place during the conference in Maastricht, 15-17 June 2015. Members are cordially invited to attend this meeting.

Exact date and location are not yet available.


SRA-Europe members can download the agenda for the GA meeting HERE when it becomes available.

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