June 27, 2015
Date conference 2016 in Bath


20-22 JUNE 2016

SRA Europe conference in Bath, UK

June 5, 2015


Environment, Systems, & Decisions: Special Issue to feature the research of graduate students, post-docs, and early career researchers and scholars

May 4, 2015

NTNU is seeking young applicants for an Onsager Fellowship within "Safety and Reliability of Complex Systems": an associate professorship for 6-7 years; if positively evaluated followed by a full, permanent professorship.

March 27, 2015
The titles of the keynotes at our conference in Maastricht are dropping in. Click HERE.

March 15, 2015
The registration for our conference in Maastricht is now open!

April 6, 2014
The 24th SRA-E conference will be held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, 15th-17th June 2015. more
February 21, 2014

The next World Congress of the Society for Risk Analysis will be held in Singapore from July 19-23, 2015.

More news will be presented here when it comes available.

July 12, 2013
The first step towards establishing a Nordic chapter of the SRA-E is taken.

The Society for Risk Analysis - Europe aims to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe

The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) is an interdisciplinary society which addresses emerging issues in risk analysis, management and policy. It operates world-wide and it has many International Section.

The Society encourages those interested in all aspects of risk analysis to communicate, collaborate and develop new methodologies for risk analysis and risk management. SRA-E emphasises the European dimension in the promotion of interdisciplinary research and education, and in practical application in industry and Government. It provides a platform for academics, policy makers and industrialists to discuss future directions, to understand concerns about risk from both public and scientific perspectives, to promote efficient risk mitigation and to develop effective communication about hazards.

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2d Nordic Chapter Risk Conference 14-15 November 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden

2d Nordic Risk Conference

14-15 November 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden


Where are we and where are we going:

New insights in risk analysis in the Nordic countries

The conference aims to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe. The Society of Risk Analysis Europe: Nordic Chapter promotes specifically Nordic and Baltic issues in the field of risk, and aims to facilitate debate and exchanges of information and opinion between professionals in industry, government, universities, research institutes, and consultancies. It has the ambition to convene and promote scientific and educational meetings on risk research, risk analysis and risk management in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Themes for presentations may include:

  • risk communication and uncertainty
  • environmental governance
  • new technologies and innovation
  • risk framing
  • evidence-based policy making
  • new perspectives on risk assessment
  • risk and ethics
  • organizing in the face of risk
  • emerging risk issues in the Nordic and Baltic countries

The conference is hosted by Gothenburg Research Institute at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. The conference is sponsored by the Partner Program at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Submission of abstracts

Deadline for submission of both individual presentations and symposia is Monday 29 August. More information can be found on the submission of abstracts can be found on the Nordic chapter page and the conference website.

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Programme conference Bath available!
Conference programme available!

The conference programme is available. Please click HERE and you will be redirected to the website of the event organiser.

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Information on Bath conference

Information on Bath conference

Information on our conference in Bath, June 20-22, can be found on the conference page of our website: www.sraeurope.org. For the latest information, please, visit the website of the local organisers in Bath: http://www.bath.ac.uk/ipr/events/news-0171.html.

All questions can be addressed to sraconference@bath.ac.uk

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Summary of the launch of SRAE Benelux on 14 March 2016
Summary of the launch of SRAE Benelux on 14 March 2016

For our first meeting we had about 40 participants mainly from Academia, Government  and Industry. Active participation took place at plenaries and 3 parallel sessions. The meeting had a strong policy focus with a keynote presentation from the Chief Vet of the Netherlands, Christianne Bruschke, as well as the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment presenting their risk approach, many thanks to all speakers.

One theme that emerged was the need to look more thoroughly into the notion of Uncertainty from legal, psychological and governance perspectives. Conventional risk analysis has sometimes neglected the concept, which is an issue. Equally, the tendency to ''hype'' uncertainties is a challenge to balanced decisions about risks. Another crucial outcome of the meeting is the recognition that education plays a role and that introducing students to cognitive research outcome can help improve the quality of decisions.

Thanks to Randa Kachef there is a great photo album which you can find by clicking here.

It is also our pleasure to announce that RIVM has offered to host our next annual meeting on 20 March 2017. Many thanks to them!

Ideas and suggestions about events and funding are much welcome too.

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Inaugural meeting SRA-E Benelux

Meeting SRA-E Benelux, 14 March 2016, Brussels


The first meeting of SRA-E BENELUX will be be held on 14 March 2016 at the UM Campus Brussels. Please find the invitation/call for abstracts  HERE

The deadline for abstracts is 29 January, 2016.


The programme for this meeting is available as well. Please click HERE.


A description of how to arrive at the Maastricht University Brussels campus can be found  HERE.


Please note that this meeting is free of charge.


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Registration for our conference in Bath now open

Registration for our conference in Bath now open

Early Bird registration until Friday 1st April. To register for the conference, click HERE.

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Conference 2016, 20-22 June 2016, Bath UK

Conference 2016, 20-22 June 2016, Bath, UK

The 25th Silver Jubilee Annual meeting of Society for Risk Analysis Europe (SRA-E) will be held in Bath, UK, 20-22 June 2016. The theme of this conference is Understanding Risk: From Theory to Application in Policy and Practice.

SRA-E provides a platform for academics, national and local policy makers and businesses to discuss the ‘state of the art’ and future directions in the study of risk analysis, to understand concerns about risk from both public and scientific perspectives, to develop effective risk communication and to promote efficient risk mitigation.

This conference is an opportunity for academics and practitioners to come together to discuss issues, problems, goals, solutions and future research questions.

Core Risk Topics for the 2016 conference

  • Learning from major events
  • Methodological progress in risk research
  • Evidence to inform risk relevant policy
  • Risk policy and regulation
  • The role of trust for organisations
  • Decision-making and uncertainty
  • The relevance of risk perception
  • Citizen and stakeholder roles in risk management
  • The role of social media in risk communication
  • Safety and security issues
  • International and cross-border collaborations in risk reduction
  • Using new forms of data to understand risk
  • Risk analysis and assessment of natural and technological hazards

Scientific programme

The conference will consist of plenary sessions with keynote presentations, and parallel sessions of oral presentations and symposia dedicated to specific topics. We have received some 200 abstracts for oral presentations and symposia. The conference program schedule will be available mid-May 2016.

The following speakers have so far agreed to give a key note:
  • Professor Bill Durodie. BSc (ARCS), PGCE, MSc (Econ), PhD.
    Theme: Theory informed by Practice. Application informed by Purpose. Why to Understand and Manage Risk – Cultural Context is key

  • Professor Luisa Lima
    Theme: What can they possibly bring to the project? A psychosocial approach to the barriers to inclusive practices in participatory processes

  • Professor Michael Depledge.  PhD, DSc (Lond), C. Biol. FSB, FZS, FRSA. HonFRCP
    Professor Depledge was the founding Director and is currently Chair of the Board of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health.

  • Professor Ricardo Garcia Mira, University of Coruna
    Theme: Risk communication and social participation: The application of environmental knowledge to environmental policy. The case of the Prestige disasterTheme:

Programme of social events at the SRA-E Conference 2016

The city of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage City and a social programme has been designed to enable you to visit and experience some of the most beautiful parts of the city. These include:
  • a reception at the Victoria Art Gallery from 6pm-7pm on Sunday 19th June,
  • a sightseeing tour of Bath to explore some of Bath’s iconic sites, including the Royal Crescent, Assembly Rooms, Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge on Monday evening, as well as some of its hidden gems.
  • a conference Gala dinner that will take place at the world famous Roman Baths and Pump Room, with music by the renowned Pump Room Trio.

More information

For more information, e.g.on accommodation, travel arrangements and conference fees, please, visit the conference page of this website.

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1st risk conference SRA-E Nordic chapter, November 16-17th 2015, Lund, Sweden

1st Risk Conference of the SRA-Europe Nordic chapter, November 16-17th in Lund, Sweden

The call for the 1st Nordic chapter risk conference November 16-17th in Lund, Sweden, is out – so please assign to the newsletter and save the dates.

Visit the conference we page here: www.lucram.lu.se/event/nordic-chapter-2015-risk-conference


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SRA Europe Conference Student Scholarship 2015 awarded

Student Scholarships 2015 awarded

We are pleased to announce two winners of an SRA-Europe Conference Scholarship 2015. Conference Studentship Scholarships (each worth € 750) have been awarded to:

  • Martina Gamp, University of Konstanz (Germany)

  • Martina received her award for the presentation:

    Gamp, M. & Renner.B.:

    Closing the Gap between Experimental and Field Studies: Experienced-based Health Risk Feedback and Lack of Reassurance

  • Astrid Kause, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin (Germany)

    Astrid's' award winning presentation was:

    Kause, A.:
    Do you get vaccinated? The role of different types of uncertainty and graphical presentation formats in vaccination decisions

The recipients received their awards, each worth € 750, out of the hands of the local organiser Frederic Bouder

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Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research

Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research

In recent years, SRA Europe has awarded a number of scholarships to students who submitted (extended) abstracts of exceptional quality (as judged by members of the committee) to the annual conference.  These scholarships are aimed at covering the costs of attending the Annual Conference.  

This year, SRA Europe was offered the opportunity to award an additional student scholarship. This scholarship was granted by ExxonMobil in honour of Ortwin Renn. SRA Europe was free to develop the selection criteria and ExxonMobil in no way exerted any influence on the selection process.

In line with Ortwin’s focus on applied research and governance, the Board of SRA Europe decided to award the new prize to an additional student with a focus on applied risk research.

We are pleased to announce that this year the Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research, sponsored by ExxonMobil is awarded to:

  • Hanna Landquist, Chalmers university of technology, Göteborg (Sweden)

    Hanna received her award for the presentation:  

    Landquist,K.S.,  L. Rosén, L., Lindhe, A. & Hassellöv, I.M.

    Estimating consequences of discharge from potentially polluting shipwrecks.

Hanna received her award, worth $500, out of the hands of the local organiser Frederic Bouder

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Business meeting / General Assembly Meeting of SRA-EUROPE

Business / General Assembly Meeting 2015


The next Business / General Assembly meeting will take place during the conference in Maastricht, 15-17 June 2015. Members are cordially invited to attend this meeting.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 17 June, 13.00 - 14.00 hours. The  exact location will be communicated during the conference.


SRA-Europe members can download the agenda for the GA meeting HERE when it becomes available.

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Invitation to take an active role in SRA Europe

Invitation to take an active role in SRA Europe

SRA Europe is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe. Our main activity in this respect is, of course, the SRA Europe conference, that is held annually at varying locations within Europe.

As an organization SRA Europe depends on the efforts of a small group of researchers and other professionals who are willing to  put in some of their time and energy. These individuals come from different countries and represent different disciplinary backgrounds, interests and expertise. Ways to contribute vary, including such tasks as joining the Scholarship Committee, taking on committee functions such as treasurer, secretary or president, taking responsibility for the content of the website or organizing the annual meeting.

Members who are interested in contributing to the Society are cordially invited to send an email to the SRA Europe Committee through sraeurope@eu-vri.eu or contact any of the Committee members. We are happy to answer any question you might have.


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