Conference 2017

Conference 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal: 19 - 21 JUNE 2017


Lisbon welcomes you to the 26th Annual Conference/Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis – Europe (SRA-E). The theme of the conference is:

New challenges, new threats: Resilience and adaptation in a risky world

Please see the conference flyer HERE.

Information on our conference in Lisbon can be found on the conference page of our website: Further information on our conference in Lisbon will be added below when available.
For the latest information, please, visit the website of the local organisers in Portugal:

All questions can be addressed to

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Final conference programme available

Final scientific programme and conference agenda available

The 2017 SRA-Europe Annual Conference/meeting agenda and scientific programme are now available at the "Scientific Programme" section of the conference website: You may also click on the links below to access them.

Conference agenda

To see the conference agenda overview with all sessions and social programme, please click HERE.

Scientific programme 1

To see the detailed scientific programme with the submitted presentations and corresponding sessions (date and time), please click HERE.

Scientific programme 2

To see the detailed scientific programme with the submitted presentations and corresponding sessions (date and time), including the abstracts, please click HERE.

Please check the final programme to confirm the date, session and time of your presentation.

Information for presenters

Before attending the conference, please see the presentation instructions by clicking on the “Guide” below:


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Call for papers & submission of abstracts

Call for Presentations, Posters and Symposia

We welcome applications for:
  • Symposia (group of 3-5 individual talks + Q&A/general discussion)
  • Oral presentations (individual)
  • Poster presentations (individual)

Details on the abstract submission guidelines will be made available during the autumn of 2016. The abstract submission system will be open between December 2016 and January 2017.


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Submission of abstracts for our conference in Lisbon now open

Submission of abstracts for our conference in Lisbon now open

The call for papers for our next conference, 19-21 June 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal, is out! Please, click HERE for the full text of the call.

Abstracts and presentations in English, in the following formats, are eligible for acceptance:

  1. Symposia (group): Represents a group of individual oral presentations (Minimum: 3 presentations; Maximum: 5 presentations) by one or more authors each, organized around one common topic + one short symposium introduction by the coordinator + symposium Q&A/discussion. Symposia duration: 90min (max.)
  2. Oral presentations (individual): Represents one individual oral presentation by one or more authors + Q&A/discussion for all presentations at the session’s end. Individual presentation duration: 15min (max.)
  3. Poster presentations (individual): Represents one individual written presentation by one or more authors + individual Q&A/discussion of the poster.


Abstracts must be submitted by January 29, 2017. For more information on the abstracts submission please see the following website:

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Theme, aims and topics

Theme, aims and topics

The 26th Annual meeting of Society for Risk Analysis Europe (SRA-E) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal,19-21 June 2017. The theme of this conference is: New challenges, new threats: Resilience and adaptation in a risky world".

Audience: Academics, policy makers and practitioners interested in Risk in research, policy and practice. Members of the SRA-E, SRA International and other regional SRA organizations.

SRA-E provides a platform to discuss the ‘state of the art’ and future directions in the study of risk analysis, to understand concerns about risk from both public and scientific perspectives, to develop effective risk communication and to promote efficient risk mitigation.

This conference is therefore an opportunity for academics, policy makers and practitioners to come together to discuss issues, problems, goals, solutions and future research questions.

Core Risk Topics for the 2017 conference

The conference will be focused on the general topic “From risk to resilience”. Specific topics include:

  • New methods, new tools, new data in risk and resilience research
  • Multi-actor approaches in risk analysis, management and governance
  • Risk and resilience in extreme and major events
  • Global health, global threats: Risk and resilience beyond borders
  • Evidence-based risk governance, policy and regulation
  • Financial risks and decision making
  • Uncertainty, resilience and climate change policies
  • Insights from citizen science to risk research
  • Risk and uncertainty communication
  • Ethical and moral dimensions of risk
  • Human factors, organizational and occupational safety
  • Cyber security and terrorism
  • Resilience, decision-making and uncertainty
  • Coastal and maritime risks


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Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers

The following speakers have agreed to give a key note:

Theme: Health, risk & literacy

Theme: New methods/new tools/new data for risk research

Theme: Risk & resilience

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Social events

Social events 

Lisbon is a very beautiful city, situated at the Tagus River basin. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with archeological remnants dating as far back as the pre-Roman and Roman periods. A social programme will be designed to enable you to visit and experience some of the most beautiful parts of Lisbon and surrounding areas, and its historic and natural environment.

The registration in the conference will include:

  • Social Programme I     – Pre-conference cocktail & social on Sunday, June 18, 2017.
  • Social Programme IV  – Conference gala dinner at “Casa Ermelinda Freitas” winery on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

In addition, optional tours of the city will be made available at competitive prices.

Not included in the registration fee (optional) are the following:

  • Social Programme II   – HIPPOTrip Tour on Sunday, June 18, 2017.
  • Social Programme III  – “Lisbon by night” walking tour on Monday, June 19, 2017.

Please visit the website of the local organiser for details:

Registration for the pre-conference cocktail, conference dinner and optional touristic programmes will be available at the conference registration/payment webpage.


Social Programme I : Pre-conference cocktail: Sunday, June 18, 5-6.30pm

Welcome to Lisbon! Join us for drinks and nibbles, socialize and pre-register for the conference.

The pre-conference reception will take place at Clube ISCTE, in ISCTE-IUL one of the universities involved in the organizing committee.
Address: Av. das Forças Armadas. “ALA AUTONOMA” building, floor n. 4. 1649-026 Lisboa.




Social Programme IV : Conference gala dinner : Tuesday June 20, 5.30-11.30pm


Location: “Casa Ermelinda Freitas” winery, museum and vinyard


This social programme includes: Train tour (with return trip) with complimentary drinks & biscuits; cocktail reception at the vinyard’s balcony; tour of the “Casa Ermelinda Freitas” museum & winery; Dinner; “Casa Ermelinda Freitas” complimentary gift.

Please note that the winery is located outside Lisbon. One train will be rented to accomodate all the conference participants and guests travelling. The departure will take place from the train station Entrecampos on Tuesday June 20, at 5.30pm.

We ask all participants to arrive at the station at 5.15pm to ensure a timely and smooth boarding. Please note that there won’t be any delays in the departure time. The train will exit the platform at exactly 5.30pm.

Further specific details about this programme will be given closer to the conference.


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Conference fees

Conference fees

The SRA-Europe Conference in 2017 is open to all interested researchers and experts in the various fields of risk analysis. Industry representatives, governmental bodies and relevant public and private institutions are welcomed. Graduate students are also encouraged to participate.

The fees for the conference depend on type of delegate and the registration date (early bird, late bird). The deadline for early bird registration is April 7, 2017. The deadline for presenters' registration is May 20, 2017. All presenters including symposia presentations, posters and individual oral communications, should register and pay the conference registration fees by this date, so that presentations can be included in the final conference program.

 SRA-Europe member (with 2017 paid fees) 1
Early bird  
Late bird
Full delegates
  €  450
  €  550
Multi Conference Pack (MCP)   €  410
  €  510
Student delegates   €  130
  €  180
Full delegates   €  490   €  590
Multi Conference Pack (MCP)   €  450   €  550
Student delegates   €  170   €  220

1 Some participants may have already paid their SRA Europe membership fee for 2017, e.g. when renewing their SRA membership in December 2016. These participants have typically paid SRA approximately $ 150, whereas participants who became a member of SRA only and not of SRA Europe as well, typically paid $ 100. Participants who paid for the SRA-Europe fee are SRA Europe members.

2 Students should send proof of their student status to the SRA-E organizing committee by email. If this information is not provided before the conference, the difference between the student member fee and the full delegate fee must be paid on-site.


Please visit the website of the local organiser ( for detailed information on the Multi Conference Pack, and what is included in the conference fee.

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The 26th SRA-E Annual Meeting will take place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Established in 1956 as a Portuguese foundation for the whole of humanity, the Foundation’s original purpose focused on fostering knowledge and raising the quality of life of persons throughout the fields of artscharity, science and education.

Bequeathed by the last will and testament of Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, the Foundation is of perpetual duration and undertakes its activities structured around its headquarters in Lisbon (Portugal) and its delegations in Paris (France) and London (United Kingdom). (information from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation website).

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation offers a diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces aimed at promoting human-nature connectedness. Please click HERE for an impression of Lisbon and the venue.

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The 2017 SRA-E Conference organizing committee has partnered with the travel agency ByTravel Setúbal to select competitive accommodation options in a 2Km radius from the conference venue. These options were secured by the agency for the conference participants.

To request accommodation, please proceed to the registration page following the link below: Accommodation registration

It is of course also possible to find accommodation through a regular booking site.


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Deal with TAP - Reduced fees for flights to Lisbon

Deal with TAP - Reduced fees for flights to Lisbon

The organizing committee has negotiated with TAP, the Portuguese flight company, a 10% discount for flights on economy class and 20% discount for flights on executive class, for the 2017 SRA-E conference participants that select TAP as the travel company. Please contact the organizing committee, for more information on the conditions to apply for this.

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SRA Europe Conference Studentship Scholarships 2017

SRA Europe Conference Studentship Scholarships 2017

We are pleased to announce two SRA-Europe Conference Scholarships (subject to the number and quality of proposals received)  each worth 750 €.

We are also pleased to be able to award the Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research to a student with a focus on applied risk research. This scholarship, worth $ 500, is sponsored by ExxonMobil.

Students wishing to apply for a Scholarship are required to submit:

1. a standard abstract, by 29 January 2017, following the procedure for the submission of abstracts, and

2. an application to the Awards Committee, by 29 January 2017, consisting of:
  • An extended abstract (up to 800 words)
  • A short CV (no more than 1 side A4)
  • A description of their motivation for wishing to attend the conference
  • A letter of support from their supervisor

The application to the Awards Committee should be sent to SRA-E Secretariat ( Only 2 documents should be sent: one containing 1-3 above with the letter from the student’s supervisor in the other. The email subject line should read: SRA Europe conference scholarships or Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research respectively. The application should explicitly state for which scholarship the application is made.



Last modified: 23 November 2016

Student Scholarships 2017 awarded

Student Scholarships 2017 awarded

We are pleased to announce two winners of an SRA-Europe Conference Scholarship 2017. Conference Studentship Scholarships (each worth € 750) have been awarded to:

  • Kate Crinion, Ulster University, Ulster (United Kingdom)

  • Kate received her award for the presentation:

    Crinion, K., Haran, M., McGreal, S., & Mcilhatton, D.:
    Bouncing forward after the rain - Findings from a theoretical framework to enhance transformational resilience within a post-flooding context

  • Vedran Lesic, Leeds University Business School, Leeds (United Kingdom)

    Vedran's award winning presentation was:

    Lesic, V., Bruine de Bruin, W., Davis, M., Lima Azevedo, I., & Krishnamurti, T.
    Assessing consumers' perceptions of electricity use: Does providing reference points help?

The recipients received their awards, each worth € 750, out of the hands of the president of SRA Europe, Seda Kundak.

Last Modified: 1 July 2017
Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research awarded

Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research

We are pleased to announce that this year the Ortwin Renn Student Prize for Applied Risk Research, sponsored by ExxonMobil is awarded to:

  • Manuel Friedlein, Maastricht University, Maastricht (Netherlands)

    Manuel received his award for the presentation:

    Friedlein, M.
    Risk Governance of Climate Change Adaptation: A case study of risk-based decision-making in Germany and the UK

Manuel received his award, worth $500, out of the hands of on of the president of SRA Europe, Seda Kundak, Mathew White.

Last Modified: 1 July 2017
Organisation and support

Local Organising Committee


The Local Organising Committee consists of:

  • Rui Gaspar; William James Center for Research, ISPA-Instituto Universitário
  • Sílvia Luís; ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
  • Catarina Roseta-Palma; ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
  • Dalila Antunes; INTEC-Behavioural Tecnology Institute & Factor Social, Lda.
  • João Carvalho; ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
  • José Manuel Palma-Oliveira; University of Lisbon
  • Paulo Fernandes, INSA-National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge
  • Susana Pombo; DGAV, General-directorate for Food and Animal Health


Conference e-mail 

For additional information, please contact:


Scientific Support and International Scientific Advisory Board

The SRA-E conference 2017 is organised by researchers of various universities and institutes in Lisbon, in partnership with SRA Europe.



Platinum sponsor


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation





Golden sponsor



Casa Ermelinda Freitas – Winery and vineyard






Official carrier of the 26th SRA-Europe annual conference/meeting





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Important dates

Important dates


 Pre-conference cocktail       June 18, 2017
 Conference       June 19 - 21, 2017
 Deadline submission of abstracts      January 29, 2017
 Notification of abstract acceptance
     February 28, 2017
 Deadline early bird registration      April 7, 2017
 Deadline presenters' registration
     April 30, 2017


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